Working with a full-service technical event production company for all of your event staging needs can ensure that each element of your staging including sound, lighting and video are in capable hands. No matter how complex your staging requirements, the professionals can handle every element, from load-in, set-up and operating the lighting and sound during your conference to pulling any necessary permits and getting engineering approvals.

Corporate events can be on a large scale or maybe a small time affair; it may be formal or informal. Corporate events provide an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with attendees, agency and clients. For many businesses, the allocation of valuable time and staff in organizing corporate events is simply not cost effective – especially when employees often have no formal training or expertise. The performance and end result of professionals is ultimately a reflection of your own brand identity and corporate image. Therefore it is our goal to transcend all expectations and present your business in a new light through our entertainment expertise. The technical knowledge behind staging and setting up the audiovisual is a very important aspect and cannot be ignored to ensure a seamless experience for everyone.

The level of detailed planning and the checking of arrangements that occur in the background to ensure your event looks completely effortless is multi-layered. Success lies in applying a robust project management process to each event, aligning the process to the key goals and objectives of your event. Your event needs to be flawless. It must engage your guests at every stage of their journey and drive big results for your company.

Full-service technical event production company is all about the integrated planning and control of organizing the event, light and sounds equipment and staging in the most efficient and cost-effective manner whilst monitoring of the internal and external network. So while you are dealing with your clients and sponsors, our logistics management team are dealing with road closures, car parking, power, load-in, setup of technical components and necessary permits. We take care of technical direction, production management, risk assessments and risk management, lighting design and operation, stage management, sound design and operation, stage rigging, and all facets of venue maintenance to ensure smooth and successful event.