Scenic Design & Fabrication

Whether you’re planning a major event, setting up small meetings, or doing a trade show, the design of your sets – your stage set-up and props – can transform something good into something great.

From LED and fiber optic drapes to trade show booths and permanent installations, we can help you take the spark of an idea and build it into a full-fledged original design. In addition to custom design, we also maintain a large inventory of stock sets that can be easily adapted to different needs.

Scenic design and fabrication services include:

  • Staging
  • Soft Goods
  • Stock Sets
  • Custom Sets
  • LED & Fiber Optic Drape
  • Scenic Design & Renderings
  • Props, Lecterns, Plants, Furniture

Whatever your event, the right set can make all the difference. We can provide original or stock sets for every size venue, from major stage productions to small and minimally staged events.